• VMAX All Flash

VMAX All Flash is architected to support the densest flash configuration possible. VMAX All Flash support for high capacity flash drives provides a differentiated capability versus many all flash alternatives. It allows VMAX All Flash to leverage the increases in flash drive densities, economies of scale, and faster time to market provided by the suppliers for industry standard flash drive technology. The shift to higher capacity flash drives provides an attractive alternative to hybrid arrays in terms of acquisition cost and overall total cost of ownership. Other VMAX All Flash advantages such as higher performance, predictable latency, increased density, reduced power and cooling, and reduced drive replacement will accelerate deployment of all flash based VMAX storage systems going forward.

A Modular Building Block Architecture – VMAX All Flash employs a simplified appliance based software packaging and modular building block configuration to reduce complexity to make it easier to configure and deploy. This architecture allows it to scale to deliver predicable high performance where needed. These building blocks are called “bricks”.

There are two types of bricks available for the VMAX All Flash:  The V-Brick supports open system configurations with Fibre Channel and/or iSCSI connectivity and FBA device formatting. The zBrick supports mainframe configurations with FICON connectivity and CKD device formatting. Note: In this document, the term “brick” will be used when discussing features and functions applicable to both the V-Brick and the zBrick. The zBrick will be discussed in more detail in the VMAX All Flash Mainframe support portion of this document.

The core element of VMAX All Flash is the brick. Each brick has the following components:

1. One engine using the dynamic virtual matrix architecture running HYPERMAX OS.

2. Fully redundant hardware with multiple power supplies and interconnecting fabrics o No single points of failure architecture o Proven 6x9s availability

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  • VMAX3

vmax3 arch