• G1000

The VSP G1000 storage system contains new architecture, technology, and several new features. These include an improved, seventh-generation hierarchical star net architecture that is shown in the following illustration of the VSP G1000 hardware architecture.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.21.33 AM

In this architecture, the virtual storage directors (microprocessors) are shared across the cache, front-end directors (host adapters), and back-end directors (disk adapters), providing processing power where and when it is needed, without wait time or interruption. This significantly increases the I/O throughput.

VSP G1000 provides a highly granular upgrade path, allowing the addition of data drives to the drive chassis, and components such as virtual storage directors to the controller chassis as storage and processing needs increase. A VSP G1000 system configuration may range from a single controller with no drives, to a dual-controller managing up to 2,304 drives with homogeneous logic control, cache, front-end and back-end interfaces, all mounted in standard Hitachi Data Systems 19-inch racks.